Hill Interiors


Hill Interiors is a family based business established in 1975 near Bedale, the gateway to the picturesque Yorkshire Dales. Hill Interiors are importers and distributors of Gifts for the Home and Garden.

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Shrieking Violet


 Handmade Sterling Silver Jewellery made with real natural flowers by Shrieking Violet. Made in England and originated back in the late 20th century in a field at the legendary Glastonbury music festival. All jewellery comes in a stylish gift box for those who wish to mark those special occasions with a unique and special [...]

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June Wright


Local author June Wright debut book "Our Evie" now stocking in the Gift Shop.  June lives in Howden-le-Wear originally from Westgate-in-Weardale and after having her family,  June discovered her love of writing when she joined the Crook Writers group.  June always thought there was a novel in there somewhere, so that was how "Evie" [...]

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The Canny Candy Gadgies


Luxury confectionery handmade by The Canny Candy Gadgies £3.49 each or buy any 3 for £10 Our Story - In 1902 Jane Dodds married Albert Baimbridge.  They lived in a small mining village in the North East of England.  Using many traditional recipes that had been passed down to her by her mother, Jane made wonderful [...]

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Living North


Living North is a regional monthly magazine, which takes a looks at everything going on in the North East, from city, to seaside and country.

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Zelly are the premier wholesaler for quality scarves and accessories in the UK, re-established in 2014. Offering unique collections, creating beautiful, unusual and well priced accessories which work well with current trends.


George Nairn


Local author and postcard collector George Nairn of 'Durham Collieries' and 'Northumberland Collieries' books are made up of old picture postcards.  A selection of picture postcards featuring scenes from the last century, with informative captions.

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Margaret Manchester


Local Author Margaret Manchester lives in County Durham with her family.  Margaret born in Weardale, researched her family history which sparked interest in local history and after studying local history and archaeology, led her to write her debut novel 'The Lead Miner's Daughter' and new book 'Carved in Stone'. [...]

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Andrew Clark


Andrew Clark is a Newcastle author and publisher who has written over 20 books on local history. His books include: 'North East Life in the 1930s, 40s & 50s'; 'Wartime Memories - Stories of the Second World War in the the North East'. He has been collecting memories, old photographs and memorabilia for over [...]

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Tom Hutchinson


Tom Hutchinson, originally from Bishop Auckland, has written some 20 books on the local history of south-west Durham, including a 30,000 word history of Bishop Auckland. Many of his books are based on his postcard and photographic collection of the area built up over 35 years. His latest books are Page Bank, Bishop Auckland [...]

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