The Durham Chocolate Company


Gift Shop Creative Space The Durham Chocolate Company The Durham Chocolate Company are based in rural County Durham.  All of the products are completely handcrafted using the finest quality, ethically sourced, Callebaut Belgian chocolate and top-quality ingredients.  "Our chocolate products range from handmade chocolate slabs, giant chocolate lollipops, buttons, marshmallow wands, and delicious handmade [...]

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Jacwicks Designs


Gift Shop Creative Space Jacwicks Designs Ruth Jacobs is founder of Jacwicks Designs and designer of the Perch and Fabwrap ranges. Each unique product is handmade in the North East of England, near the beautiful city of Durham.  All products are durable and made to reuse time and time again. Every attempt is made [...]

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Sterling Crafts


Gift Shop Creative Space Sterling Crafts Joan Gray’s journey for making jewellery started when she decided to work for herself and after having tried sewing, knitting, gardening, embroidery, making toys and pottery had not tried jewellery.  After her daughter did her degree in silver smithing, she showed Joan how to make a pair of [...]

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Jenny Blue Art


Gift Shop Creative Space Jenny Blue Art (formally Jenny Bell) Jennifer Bell works from her studio in County Durham.  Jennifer's work is known for the detailed naturalistic designs inspired by the countryside around her home in County Durham and from travelling around the country attending flower & craft shows. [...]

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The Canny Candy Gadgies


Gift Shop Creative Space The Canny Candy Gadgies Luxury confectionery handmade by The Canny Candy Gadgies £3.49 each or buy any 3 for £10 "Our Story - In 1902 Jane Dodds married Albert Bainbridge.  They lived in a small mining village in the North East of England.  Using many traditional recipes that had been [...]

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Suzy Bears


Gift Shop Creative Space Suzy Bears Nostalgic Collection of Suzy Bears, individually made for collectors by Sue Wright.

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Gift Shop Creative Space Colroy Colroy is a local company based at Eastgate. The Walking Stick Grabber is a 2 in 1 walking stick made in Great Britain.  The Colroy Retriver is a stylish, high quality walking stick which incorporates an ingenius and easy to use grabbing mechanism, making the perfect stick for retrieving [...]


Just For Women


Gift Shop Creative Space Just For Women Just Handmade is a creative studio in Stanley, County Durham, part of the Just For Women Centre. The small manufacturing unit produces Bespoke Home accessories along with gift and children's/ladies accessories. It employs local women and a band of fantastic creative volunteers who all handmade individual products. [...]

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